19-year-old arrested in killing

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 11, 2005

Police arrested Timothy Gayle, of 1405 Cole Street, in connection with the death of Bernard Eldridge Boyd.

Gayle was arrested and charged with murder for the slaying on Saturday, at about 6:20 p.m.

The shooting of Boyd happened at about 4:40 p.m., according to police reports.

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Boyd and Gayle had gotten into an argument earlier that day, according to witnesses.

“I know it was a verbal or pushing type thing,” Interim Selma Police Chief Jimmy Martin said.

Martin didn’t know what the victim and the suspect were fighting about.

Witnesses told police that the 19-year-old suspect left the area, on 302 Gaines Avenue.

Police said the suspect returned

with a weapon.

“He returned with a long barreled gun, (shooting) the subject several times,” Martin said.

Police reports identified the weapon as a possible 7 mm rifle with a scope.

After shooting the victim, police say the suspect got back into his car and drove off.

The car was later recovered on Cole Street.

Gayle was arrested, but police didn’t find the gun in his car or home.

Martin said that after questioning, the police retrieved the weapon at a Hidden Acres trailer.

“I don’t think he lives over there,” Martin said, “but it (the gun) was recovered over there.”

Police reports stated the suspect and the 33-year-old victim were “acquaintances.”

Martin said Gayle was charged with murder in the case and is being held without bond in the Dallas County Jail.

He said he was pleased the case was handled so quickly.

“I’d like to thank everyone that was involved they did an outstanding job of bringing this to a closure,” he said.

He also said the dispatchers were a big help in the arrest, providing valuable information quickly, resulting in the arrest.

“I’d like to commend them,” Martin said. “They did an outstanding job on relaying information.”