Letter for March 4

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 5, 2005

To the editor:

The drainage problems on Barrett Road as well as other streets in this city are of major concern to many of Selma’s citizens. Several years ago, a house across the street from mine had to be leveled because of repeated floodings.

Now each time we have extensive rainfall, residents on this street feel the panic. At times in the past, with petitions in hand, we on Barrett Road have called upon our city council

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to help with drainage concerns.

After much complaining, we did receive some relief from the city when they located beaver dams and worked to alleviate the problem.

My concern today is again caused by the rising water outside my home.

Noticing city trucks scouting our street, I called Selma’s Public Works Department to report that a drain pipe which was placed under the street outside my home is pushing water INTO my yard instead of taking it FROM my yard.

Although I realize that they are inundated with calls during a possible crisis like today’s rain is causing, the person on the phone would not say that she would ask the city workers (who are already on this street) to examine that pipe while the problem is occurring.

She simply told us that a pond in the area (which was built for recreation and aesthetics) floods and adds to the already serious water problems. So obviously, the problem is known and understood by the department. I wonder why the building of the pond was approved if drainage problems threatening existing property were already

evident. I also wonder if there is a plan to alleviate this serious problem which could threaten our property.

The citizens of Selma should voice their opinions when they need help and if no action is taken, then they should voice their opinions in the Selma Times-Journal.

Thank you for offering this forum for concerned citizens.

Diane Walton