Rescue squad works for Dallas

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 4, 2005

The Dallas County Fire and Rescue Squad worked a little extra hard over the weekend, dealing with rising floodwaters all over the county.

“We do it from the heart,” Lt. Jasper Bowie said.

Bowie, like other members of the squad, works double duty serving the county. He’s also employed with the Selma Police Department.

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Over the weekend, the squad cut down trees blocking the road, monitored the scanner for any problems and even ran a check on some elderly people trapped by the flood.

Eventually, the squad was forced out because of thunderstorms coming into the area.

“The sky was black,” Assistant Rescue Squad Chief Willie Calhoun said

After routing around the rising waters on an ATV, Bowie said the family was OK, and didn’t require evacuation.

“Whatever they call us (to do),” Bowie said, “we’re responsible for all of that.”

In addition to checking on elderly residents during floods, the squad also drags the river for missing persons, searches for lost individuals in the woods and even pitches in some during fires.

“We love doing it,” Calhoun said.

For other members, it’s also a chance to fulfill a religious calling to help the community.

Donald Steele, an 18-year-old Selma High Senior, volunteers with the squad just for that reason.

“I can just see getting paid on Judgment Day,” he said.

For more information on donating or joining the rescue squad, call 412-0803.