Waters keep rising

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 3, 2005

Floodwaters may cover landmarks around Dallas County, but that doesn’t

mean residents are in for relief anytime soon.

According to Emergency

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Management officials, floodwaters won’t crest until Tuesday afternoon, forcing

residents who have not yet

been driven out by the water to

continue their safety measures.

By Saturday, rain and flooding had overtaken

Bloch Park and the nearby country club golf course, while Crescent Hill Road

was washed out completely, forcing residents into a detour.

Brett Howard, EMA

Director said waters will continue to rise well above the six inches originally predicted. As of 7 p.m.

Saturday, Howard said the National Weather Service was predicting a peak of

49.2 feet Tuesday afternoon. It could be more, or less, depending on changes

from the NWS.

“They’ve changed it three times today,” Howard said. “Every time

I look it’s different.”

At about midnight Tuesday, Howard said the waters are

expected to start receding. Selma might not be relieved even them.”We’ve got a

50 percent chance of thunderstorms Wednesday night,” Howard said.Howard isn’t

sure what the storms will do to the river. Even while the water continues to

rise, Howard said there were no injuries reported over the weekend.”Monday

I’ll find out,” he said. Unlike Hurricane Ivan, the last disaster faced by

Dallas County, Howard said the Federal Emergency Management Agency probably

wouldn’t be stepping in to offer aid to landowners this time.”It would have to

(be) significant damage,” Howard said.It would also require a presidential

declaration before FEMA could pitch in, Howard said.”We’re not expecting a

flood of that magnitude,” he said. Until the waters start to recede, Howard

stressed safety. No one should get on the river until well after the flood has

passed. Any unsecured animals or property should be taken care of. Attempting

to drive through flooded roads is not advised. For more information, call the

Dallas County EMA at 874-2515.