Commission agrees to name street for victim

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2005

“Our neighborhood has seventy-five to eighty young men who were friends with Chuckie,” said Pat Page. “The media has named it a troubled neighborhood and we saw a longing by the young men in the community to be embraced.”

Page went before the Dallas County Commission on Monday, March 28, and presented them with a petition signed by residents of Tipton’s Market Street.

On behalf of these residents, she requested that Market Street be officially renamed Charles Edward Brown Jr. Street, as a way to honor the young man killed on March 20.

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“This will begin the healing process for his parents and the young warriors who have pledged to bring peace to the neighborhood,” said Page.

According to her, these young men need guidance, proper education, and jobs.

“We must learn to open our hearts and minds to young people and pray for them, because somebody prayed for us.”

The request to rename the street was approved and Commissioner Towns agreed to complete the necessary paperwork with E-911.

In other County Commission business:

The North Dallas Water Board recently submitted a grant application to secure funds to extend water to the Wagon Wheel area.

Roughly 120 people live in this area of Dallas County, which is known for its contaminated ground water.

Those who have wells must drink and bathe in water that contains

bacteria. Those without wells get this contaminated water from their neighbors.

“Over the years, a lot of folks bodies have built up a tolerance to the bacteria, but it does not mean that it is not unhealthy,” said Hart Sims, General Manager for North Dallas Water.

According to Hart, it was physically impossible to serve the residents until the well and tank that went into service last June was in place.

If the grant is approved, water lines will be run to County Road 711, and then be run under a creek to provide emergency service to a nearby community.

“These wells also have a high level of sodium,” said Janey Galbraith, of Galbraith & Associates, L.L.C. “That contributes to high blood pressure.”

They will know by Labor Day if the project is funded. If so, construction on the water system will begin in early Spring of next year.