Man accused of shooting at police

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 27, 2005

Shortly after a domestic violence call, a police officer wound up pursuing a 1992 Honda past Craig Field on Highway 80, toward Montgomery.

Police reported the driver shot at the officer chasing him.

“The officer radioed back and said ‘He’s shooting out after me,'” Interim Selma Police Chief James Martin said.

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The incident was only the beginning of a three-hour chase involving officers from three different counties, several cities and state troopers, according to Martin.

At about 6:30 a.m., according to shift leader Lt. Kenny King, the SPD received a domestic violence call in the 2600 block of Tipton Street. A suspect was allegedly attempting to shoot his girlfriend as she left her car and rushed into a relative’s home, police say.

Martin said the suspect shot into the woman’s car while she was in it, after she left it, and then shot into her relative’s house.

He said the woman, which police declined to identify, reported that she was possibly shot at while driving down 80W, where she first saw what she claimed was her boyfriend’s car.

The car, according to police, was driven by Jonah Surles, of Surles Road in Hayneville.

Martin said police responded to the call, and chased the suspect down 80E, headed back toward Montgomery.

“They spotted the vehicle on Highway 80 and Roosevelt,” Martin said.

In the process, Martin said officers saw him throwing items out of the car.

“He discarded some contraband out of the car,” Martin said.

The chief said the items could result in drug charges.

As the officer followed the Honda, Martin said the officer was shot at several times.

As the pursuit moved into Lowndes County, SPD officers were joined by Dallas County and Lowndes County deputies, along with State Troopers.

“He was chased into Montgomery,” Martin said.

Changing interstate highways several times, Martin said the suspect led law enforcement, joined by Montgomery County officials and others, to Hayneville, Fort Deposit and then back toward Montgomery, where State Troopers were able to block his route.

Martin said the suspect left the car and tried to run.

“It was a foot chase,” Martin said.

Several officers ran the suspect down, and Montgomery County deputies hit him with a stun gun, stopping him, according to King.

“The suspect was taken to the hospital,” Martin said, examined for possible injuries and released.

Martin said the 24-year-old was arrested and charged with reckless driving, attempting to elude, shooting in an occupied vehicle, shooting into an unoccupied vehicle, shooting into an occupied dwelling and attempted murder for shooting at a Selma officer. He’s being held at the Dallas County Jail pending a bond hearing, Martin said.

Martin said no officers were injured.

“The Selma PD is just grateful for all the help of the different agencies,” he said.

King, who said he was involved in the chase, said the incident lasted about two-and-a-half-hours, but it seemed like more.

“We kind of lost track of the time,” he said.