Letters for March 27

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 27, 2005

To the editor:

A Tribute for Blake Murphy Sr.

I am writing to let you know my husband and me have a son. His name is John C. Presley. He has been having seizures, since he was young. Blake will be missed by John. When Blake and Dorothy would come over and visit their Aunt Sallie, little John would perk up and say I see Mr. Murphy in person and Aunt Dorothy.

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Aunt Sallie is now 98 years old and is the only one left on his mother’s side. Blake was a fine Christian man. He was the only one that would sing at Aunt Sallie’s birthday parties.

In December, he sung “Precious Memories.” He did an awesome job with it. We will all miss him, very much. There is an old saying which goes, if you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. Uncle Blake did follow that saying and lived it out, by his actions. He also reminded everyone that there was an afterlife and showed it by the example he lived. Once he left, he knew that he would go to either Hell or Heaven. I am glad that he is now in Heaven, living with his maker, redeemer and friend, God Almighty. He was a fine witness to his children, grandchildren and everyone that knew him. He was married to Dorothy for forty-eight years. She fell in love with him, at the age of fourteen.

When someone has been married for so long, this should tell you something about Blake. With God’s help, they were happily married for forty-eight years. They were in love, until he went to be with the Lord. For forty-eight years, they remained faithful to one another.

That is the way Mr. Murphy in person and Aunt Dorothy were. Our prayers and love are with you Aunt Dorothy.

Patsy Presley

(Blake Murphy’s First Cousin)