Miss Basketball?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 24, 2005

Meadowview’s Haley McIntyre finds out today if she won


For one of the few times in her basketball career, Haley McIntyre’s fate isn’t in her own hands.

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Instead the Meadowview Christian senior must rely on the state of Alabama’s sport writers- some of whom haven’t even seen her play.

McIntyre is traveling to Birmingham today to find out if she will be named the AISA Miss Basketball for the 2004-2005 season.

“I’m really nervous and excited and I have no clue what the outcome may be,” McIntyre said. ” I’ve thought about how it would be, to be that prestigious , to be the one player out of the whole AISA (picked).”

McIntyre’s competition is two outstanding basketball players, but her coach feels like she’s the best in the state.

“If there’s a better basketball player than her that meant more to her team, I haven’t seen it,” Mike Cassebaum said. “We’ve had a 63-24 record (with Haley) in the years I’ve been there. She’s just a motivator. She’s just very deserving of everything she gets.”

Though Haley admits to some nerves, she’s been in this position before.

Last year she was a finalist but the voters picked a girl who had less shining statistics but a team that achieved more.

Haley-ever a competitor – says she’d be willing to settle the matter on the court.

“Last year the girl who won it, her team had more wins than our team did,” Haley said. “I thought I could probably take her one-on-one.”

Still she says she’s played against the competition and both are “tough” ball players.

McIntyre said

she plans to sign with Auburn University- Montgomery soon.

“It is final,” she said. “We haven’t signed the papers yet . It is almost a for-sure definite thing.”

“The (AUM) coach is real high on her, he’s getting a great basketball player and a great person,” Cassebaum said. “There’s no doubt that she’s going to be sorely missed.”

Still, with Montgomery a short ride away, McIntyre still plans to be a part of the Meadowview program.

“I have three little sisters, including one still on the Meadowview team,” Haley said. “It will give me a chance to see her play. I can just go home if I need to.”

Cassebaum expects the support to be mutual.

“All the girls love her, she is such an influence to the program,” he said. “They’ll want to go see her play.”