No bond for murder suspects

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Aside from rubbing their wrists under the handcuffs, and occasionally sighing, the accused killers appeared calm throughout their Monday bond hearing despite having their legs shackled and wrists chained to their bodies.

Jessie Lee Brown and Isaac Oliver were arrested Sunday and charged with capital murder for the death of Charles Edward Brown. On Monday they faced their first judge, Bob Armstrong.

After the defendants indicated that they had not been able to obtain an attorney on their own, Armstrong began the process of appointing them counsel.

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“This is a kind of special case,” said Armstrong. “I want to be careful who I appoint as lawyer.”

Following several phone calls made by the clerk, Armstrong asked the defendants to approach the bench.

He appointed Kyra Sparks and Pat Cheshire as Oliver’s counsel, and Angela Starr was appointed as Brown’s council. Co-counsel will be announced at a later date.

Shannon Lynch, the Assistant District Attorney, then made a motion to deny bond.

“The state would like to consider a motion to hold these defendants without bond,” Lynch said. “This was a heinously

violent crime – shooting from a moving vehicle. The bullet struck Brown in the head, killed him, and endangered the lives of others.”

Armstrong granted Lynch’s motion.

“What is alleged here is a very serious matter,” Armstrong said. “Our community deserves safety and under these circumstances, I am denying bond.”

Brown’s parents-who requested to be kept updated on the process-thanked Armstrong for denying bond.

The defendants-who did not show much reaction when their bond request was denied- asked to

be placed in the jail’s “general population.”

Armstrong said that would be the responsibility of their council. The preliminary hearing is set for April 21.