Letters for March 21

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 21, 2005

To the editor:

Recently Veterans have been reading of a pending (proposed) cut in benefits at VA medical centers.

Presently Veterans that are not service connected are paying $7.00 for each prescribed medicine, and depending on individual income may be billed for in-patient services at VA hospitals. (This is up from $2.00 just a few years ago).

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The new proposal is for non service connected Veterans to pay a $15.00 co-payment and also pay a $250.00 annual membership.

Imagine a doctor prescribing a medication that the VA will pay $4.00 for and charging a Veteran $15.00.

Our government told us when we enlisted, or were drafted all the nice things that we would receive after our discharge in exchange for serving our country. True at the time, but some political groups now feel that we are just getting too much.

To much for being maimed, killed, mental suffering, being kept from our families for years at a time, for being held in POW camps. For working for a pittance compared to the private sector. For battling the Veterans Administration sometime for years to receive compensation for service connected ailments or physical problems.

All Veterans should be eligible to receive medical care from the VA no matter if they are service connected or not.

I, as well as millions of other Veterans feel the present system is fair. I as well as millions of other Veterans feel the proposed increases are not just.

This letter will be sent to the Department of Veterans Affairs, The Disabled Veterans of

America, The office of Veterans of foreign wars, and to the Office of the American Legion, State Senators and Representatives and the President of the United States.

Also this will be e-mailed to as many American Veterans and active duty military persons as possible.

We earned our veterans’ benefits, just because you have excellent benefits as an elected official, (and do not pay Social Security) do not attempt to degrade American veterans any more than you already have.

Pat Bailey

Valley Grande