Through Their Eyes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 6, 2005

Imagine traveling through time to meet the people that changed the world.

Meadowview Christian School students got a chance to do just that Thursday as they met several people from the past, both famous and infamous.

In a one-man performance entitled Through Their Eyes, Gerald Partin, Director of the Montgomery based Alpha Kappa Players (AKP) Drama Ministries, became a variety of major and minor Bible characters who lived during the time of Christ.

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“My mission is to present the Gospel to schools through drama,” said Partin.”

Some of the many characters portrayed by Partin included Judas, the Apostle who betrayed Jesus,

Zacchaeus, a wealthy tax-collector who was saved by Jesus,

Peter, an Apostle who denied Jesus at His trial, and Barabbas, a robber who was imprisoned with Jesus, sentenced to death, and then released.

“We try to teach kids that you have to commit to something and stick with it to accomplish something,” said Partin. “My wife has dubbed our ministry as “character building, through building characters.”

Partin, who has spent the last 30 years of his life involved in the area of drama, got into his current ministry by what he calls a “mistake”.

“I used to have my own private school in Montgomery,” said Partin.

“My students wanted to do Shakespeare’s Hamlet and I agreed, but didn’t know it was one of the hardest plays to put on.”

Nevertheless, the play was a success and Partin learned his true calling in life.”The Lord told me to quit teaching and go to drama, “said Partin.

The AKP Drama Ministry conducts acting workshops, speech theaters, and speech camps for churches, schools, fellowships, and PTF’s, in and out of the state. There is no set fee for this ministry. The AKP performs at churches and schools on a free-will, love offering basis.

According to Partin, “setting a price might rule someone out who can’t afford it.” He just expects churches and schools to “treat him fairly and within their budget.”

The AKP Drama Ministry can be contacted by phone at (334) 244-7338 (evening) or online at