Perry man guilty of robbery

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Perry County resident Derrick Foster pled guilty to first-degree robbery yesterday, in a Dec. 2003 incident in Uniontown.

According to the District Attorney’s office Foster was one of three defendants in the robbery of Sheffield Grocery.

“Their (the other defendants) cases were continued,” District Attorney Michael Jackson said.

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Foster, according to Jackson, faces a sentence of 20 years to a possible life in prison.

Mickey Avery, the Assistant District Attorney handling the case, said the conviction was the result of hard work by Officer Nash Gibson of the Uniontown police department and the Perry County Sheriff’s Office.

Avery said that in December 2003, Foster and two other men went into the Uniontown store armed and demanded money.

“One of them had a gun,” Avery said. “(They were) captured down in Marengo County.”

Jackson also reported another plea agreement in a drug case.

Morris Brown, originally charged with trafficking cocaine and unlawful distribution.

He pled guilty to unlawful distribution and received 20 years in prison.

Jackson said Brown sold drugs to an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent, resulting in the arrest.

Andy Arrington, of the District Task Force on Drugs, was the Assistant District Attorney on the case.

“The robbery shows our continuing crackdown on violent crime,” Jackson said. “We’re (also) cracking down on big drug dealers.”