Action Jackson welcomed to DA’s office

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The crowd streamed out the doors of the Dallas County Courtroom Sunday, as a packed house craned their necks to catch a glimpse of District Attorney Michael Jackson being sworn in.

Judge Marvin Wiggins may have done the honors, but the big guest of the afternoon was Congressman Artur Davis, who hailed Jackson’s inauguration as a big moment for Alabama.

“This is history,” Davis said, “a black district attorney in the state of Alabama. The reason its history is because everybody in this room knows the law has not always been used for the good of all of Alabama.”

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Davis said Jackson’s election to district attorney is a move for the better.

“This changes things,” he said. “Because it shows that this state is changing, opening its heart opening its mind. The Alabama Martin Luther King dreamed about is a little bit closer.”

Davis said he has been friends with Jackson since he started campaigning and was proud of his accomplishments.

“We had something very powerful in common,” Davis said. “We were young men who wanted to serve this state. We felt that if God would somehow lift us up, would give us the opportunity, then we could do right by his majesty.”

Davis said that on Sunday, he was reminded of the blessings God has given Selma.

“I know that right now he is looking down on Selma, he’s looking at this district attorney to my left and I have to think God thinks one simple thing: This did not used to be Selma,” Davis said.

Jackson, and other men like him, have a chance to serve as an example to other young black men, Davis said.

“A lot of times when young black men come in the courtroom they’re on the defendant’s side of the table, he said. “Because of the power of the vote when a young black man walks in this courtroom in just a few days he will do it on behalf of Dallas County, on behalf of the scales of justice and his name will be Michael Jackson.

“When he travels around this state as the only African-American district attorney in the state of Alabama, those young men should look up and say, ‘This is what happens when you keep believing,'” Davis said.

Davis closed by congratulating the district for electing Jackson.

“He has talent, he is risen and now he will give this whole community the benefit of his skill,” Davis said.

Other local leaders also spoke, including Assistant to the Mayor Sherri James.

“The mayor’s office will always be open to you,” James said on behalf of Mayor James Perkins Jr.