Speculating on Selma’s future industry growth

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 6, 2005

In a room full of Selmians that spend their lives competing with each other there was a remarkable show of unity last night at the St. James Hotel.

Bankers, lawyers, businessmen and politicians each of whose livelihood depends in some measure on staying ahead of the competition, came together as they often do, for the betterment of Selma, Dallas County and the Black Belt.

It was a recurring theme throughout the night. Work together, be a team, a group and all everyone will eventually prosper.

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It was interesting to watch the diverse personalities mingle through the crowd and with the singular goal of improving our area and through that everyone in the Black Belt’s way of life.

Alabama Power’s contribution to help get a new spec building up in Craig Field is huge, but last night went beyond even that.

Last night was about celebrating the successes of the past year or more.

Celebrating the Lears, the Renosols, the Meadowcrafts, Bush Hogs and every other business small and large that helps feed our growing economy.

It’s not unusual for the politicians to talk in glowing terms about the future, but it was interesting to hear from people who live outside of Selma that see the potential and growth in our town and in this area.

For all the problems we still have to solve, and we know there are many, it was hard to listen to speaker after speaker give glowing hope for Selma’s future and not catch some of the optimism floating around the room.

Who knows what the future will hold? The new spec building could sit empty for two months or two years, but however long we wait for the next industry, the fact that we as a community have the foresight and the gumption to aggressively pursue those opportunities speaks volumes.

By it’s very nature, a speculative building carries something of a risk, but we agree with Alabama Power CEO Charles McCrary.

This isn’t a gamble; it’s a sure thing.