Stallworth gets a year

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 1, 2004

The Dallas County District Attorney’s office isn’t happy, despite getting a guilty plea from a now convicted thief.

“I’m very disappointed,” District Attorney Ed Greene said.

Theodore Stallworth, one of the three defendants in the theft of $43,000 from a Japanese Film Crew, made a plea bargain with District Court officials Monday.

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While the guilty plea resulted in jail time, one year in prison and one-year probation, it also resulted in a reduced charge against Stallworth and most likely a reduced sentence.

Stallworth was one of the three suspects in a March theft from Kei, a production company that makes films for Japanese television.

While filming a Florida prison break reenactment, $43,000 in cash was stolen from the company at GWC homes.

The money was in a backpack taken from an unlocked car parked in the development.

Originally, Stallworth was charged with second-degree theft of property. As a result of the plea agreement, which circumstances forced Greene to accept, the charge was reduced to third-degree theft, a misdemeanor.

Greene said without witness testimony from the film crew members, the case would have been difficult to prosecute.

“They (Kei) don’t feel like they can afford to come back down here,” Greene said.

While they did agree to testify, Greene said the district attorney’s office would have to pay for transportation costs to the witnesses.

Greene felt the costs was too expensive considering the case.

The two other suspects in the case also contend that Stallworth robbed them of the money they took from the crew at gunpoint and took the majority of the cash at that time.

Stallworth says they gave him a small portion of the money and there was no gun involved, according to Greene.

Conflicting testimony further weakened the case, Greene said.

It also indicates that there’s little chance the money will be recovered.

The other two suspects in the case are Silideame R. Myers and Arthur Rivers. Myers is expected to also plea in the case.

Rivers is currently on bond for a murder charge.

He allegedly shot and killed 37-year-old Bruce Gray on Oct. 9, 2003. He was arrested on July 30, 2004.