Family files suit in slaying

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 19, 2004

Times-Journal News Editor

An attorney representing the estate of Antonio Boggan is suing the owners of the nightclub in which Boggan was shot to death.

“Today we have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners, Doney Roy Stewart and Edie May Stewart. This is a civil lawsuit and therefore we claim damages of $10 million,” Montgomery attorney Michael Slocumb said.

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The plaintiff in the case is Oletha Boggan, Antonio’s mother.

The suit alleges that the Boggan’s wrongful death was in part caused by lack of adequate security at Doney Roy’s, also known as

The Night Spot.

“There were known felons in the club at the time of the shooting that shouldn’t have been there,” Slocumb said. “There were assault rifles that were permitted into the club that shouldn’t have been there and therefore the club is responsible for the actions taken against Antonio Boggans.”

The police department has not

indicated the presence of assault rifles in the club and Slocumb could not elaborate further.

“I don’t want to comment on the evidence that I’ve got at this point,” Slocumb said. “I have complete confidence in the lawsuit we filed. I’m confident in the evidence we have.”

The suit also includes the still unknown shooter who actually killed Boggan.

“I’m confident in the City of Selma Police Department and Robert Jacobs as they conduct an independent investigation into this matter,” Slocumb said.

Police spokesman Sgt. Joe Little said the investigation into Boggan’s killing is still ongoing.

Boggan, and convicted killer Robert Fails were shot and killed early Sunday, Nov. 2 when the club erupted in gunfire.

A total of 10 people were shot in the incident.

Police arrested one of the victims, Cornelius Ford, and charged him with the killing of Fails and the wounding of two of the other victims.

Fails was killed just weeks after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the Nov. 2, 2003 killing of Erick Huntington.

Attempts to reach the

Stewarts for comment on the lawsuit were unsuccessful.