Valley Grande council members accept advisory committee roles

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Times-Journal Writer

The five members of the Valley Grande City Council accepted their responsibilities on advisory committees assigned to them by Mayor Tom Lee.

During their regular council meeting Monday at Valley Grande City Hall, Lee listed the different community advisory committees created in order to give Valley Grande residents more input in how their city should operate.

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“In the previous council, council members were only given ‘assignments’ to handle,” Lee said. “Our desire is to see the town more involved with what we do. Each council member has been assigned to a different area and they have to accomplish the goals of their specific advisory committee.”

Lee and councilman Donald Chandler will be teaming up to head the Public Safety Committee.

Lee will lead the group responsible for fire protection and distribution of licenses and permits.

Chandler will focus on police protection and the Emergency Management Agency.

“(Chandler) has already begun working on establishing a Neighborhood Watch program,” Lee said. “Because we have a low crime rate, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t come out here that often. This is in one way a blessing, but we also need this program in place.”

Councilwoman Patsy Moore will head the committee on Recreation and Beautification.

Moore will work with committee members to organize and plan community-sponsored events and oversee the overall appearance of Valley Grande.

“I’ve already spoken with someone from the State Department of Transportation about the Adopt-A-Mile program. We might look into adopting part of Highway 22 to clean up litter,” Moore said.

Councilwoman Donna Downs was tapped to lead the Community and Business Development Committee.

Downs and her committee members will be responsible for recruiting businesses to Valley Grande and making the city appealing to potential prospects.

“Their job will be to attract a selective crowd to Valley Grande. We are going to find money in the budget to solicit businesses.”

Councilwoman Libby Ezelle was given the large job of handling the Annexation Committee.

“She is already working on one more round of annexation,” Lee said. “It would be nice to have a more consistent boundary and annex in some of these places inside the city limits that are still not a part of the city.”

Councilwoman Julie Drinkard was placed in the equally important Zoning Committee.

“The council doesn’t handle the zoning,” Lee explained. “We need a planning commission to put it all together and bring their ideas to the council.”

Any resident of Valley Grande can be a part of the community advisory committees and are encouraged to join.

“Public input should have a significant impact on Valley Grande through our planning commissions,” Lee said.

To sign-up for a advisory committee, contact City Clerk Virginia Webb at the Valley Grande City at 875-2929.