Tornadoes threaten area

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Times-Journal City Editor

Only a few weeks after Hurricane Ivan, Dallas County dealt with another storm system yesterday, as two tornadoes passed through Orrville and headed toward Minter.

EMA Director Brett Howard said another passed through Linden, headed east, as of 5:45 p.m.

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“As far as I know we haven’t had any reports of a touchdown,” Howard said.

Both storms went down the same path, eight miles West of Orrville and headed Southeast toward Minter.

The weather service issued two tornado warnings for Dallas County after the storms appeared on radar.

As of 6:15 p.m., both had ended.

Reports of golf-ball sized hail came in from Sumter County, and each of the systems passing near Selma, or through, had the possibility of bringing hail.

Severe storms spread heavy rain and high wind around the nation Tuesday, from the Tennessee Valley and the Deep South to much of California and the Pacific Northwest.

The eastern storms included hail and tornadoes in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Nearly 4 inches of rain was reported in Memphis, Tenn.

Showers dampened parts of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

In the nation’s midsection, showers and thunderstorms moved through Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Minnesota. Dry conditions prevailed in the rest of the Plains and Texas.

Rain and mountain snow were widespread in California, Oregon and Washington. Power outages were reported in northern California.

Rain showers were scattered in Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Montana, with wind gusts up to 50 mph reported throughout the Rockies.

Light rain fell in parts of Southern California.

Tuesday’s temperatures around the Lower 48 states ranged from a low of 21 degrees in Butte, Mont., to a midday high of 91 in Houston.

As of presstime, no damage had been reported at the Dallas County EMA.

– The Associate Press contributed to this report.