Getting in shape with software

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

If computers don’t bring fitness to mind, a new program at CHAT Academy may change

Dallas County and Selma City students, with help from the YMCA, will have access to

fitness evaluation software designed to help students get involved with getting into shape.

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Herman Turner, PE teacher at CHAT, said the program was revolutionary.

“This program is going to change physical education,” he said.

The program allows students to accurately measure heart rates and energy burned. By

merging exercise with technology, area educators hope students will learn the importance

of nutrition and body maintenance.

“Hopefully, we can prevent some of these diseases (diabetes, obesity, etc.) among our

kids,” Turner said.

Representatives from every middle school in the county attended a two-day seminar at

CHAT. They were instructed on the use of a computerized fitness evaluation station, which

measured body fat ratios, flexibility, weight and strength.

Other measurements, including those used for the Presidential fitness test, can be measured

off-site. Educators will use handheld computers to collect the data and later sync up with

the station.

Each student is provided with a print-out on their fitness level.

To improve, every middle school in Dallas County has established a wellness center,

including treadmills and stationary bikes. Students will be equipped with heart monitors to

reach their desired goals.

The new equipment and training was provided by a Department of Education grant

administered through the Carol White Physical Education program.

The YMCA of Selma applied for and received the grant.

Turner expressed his appreciation to the YMCA and their staff.

“They saw a need and filled it,” he said.