Selma Youth Football

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 20, 2004

Sept. 14

Dolphins 12, Colts 6

In the first quarter of the game on Sept. 14, neither team scored.

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In the second, Colts quarterback Miario Oliver ran 12 yards for a touchdown. The Dolphins’ quarterback Rodney Ellis picked up a touchdown on a 60 yard run. The quarter ended with both teams tied, 6-6.

In the third, Ellis again scored with an 80 yard gain and a touchdown. Neither team scored again.

The game ended with the Dolphins 12, Colts 6.

49ers 12, Falcons 6

Niether team scored in the first quarter.

The 49ers picked up a touchdown with a 10 yard play from Orlando Jackson in the second.

The Falcons responded in the third with a 65 yard touchdown play from Jamal Dudley, tying the game.

The 49ers came back in the fourth and Keenan Woods gained 19 yards for another touchdown.

Sept. 13

Broncos 30, Bears 0

In the first quarter, the Broncos’ Jesse Harris picked up a touchdown on a 38 yard play. Quintavis Johnson scored the PAT, bringing the score to 8-0 for the Broncos.

In the second quarter, Bronco Justin Jordan gained 14 yards for a touchdown, and Johnson again made the PAT. The half ended with the Broncos up 16-0.

In the third quarter, Johnson gained six yards for a touchdown, and Labarin Eaton picked up the two-point conversion.

In the fourth, Johnson picked up 52 yards and a touchdown, to finish the game, 30-0.

Cowboys 14, Colts 6

In the first quarter neither team scored.

In the second, the Cowboys’ Tavarius Murray gained 28 yards for a touchdown and then made the PAT, bringing the score up 8-0 for the Cowboys.

Both teams were scoreless through the third, then the Colts picked up a touchdown when Miario Oliver ran a 28 yard play. The Colts were still down, 8-6, as the PAT failed.

Murray ran in a short 6-yard touchdown and sealed the victory for the Cowboys, making the score 14-6.