Labor Day a time to honor workers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 5, 2004

Projections have Hurricane Frances reaching the Alabama border by Monday afternoon and cutting across the state. Hurricane Frances and nature’s strength that she carries is on its way, carrying with her 70-80 mph winds. The news this weekend has been consumed with the fact that residents of Florida are fleeing their homes to find refuge in cities to the north.

The residents have even found shelter in our city. Not to discount the importance and magnitude of the ability of destruction that may erupt from Frances, we still should remember that there is an important day tomorrow that we all should take pride in. Tomorrow we celebrate Labor Day. It is a sign of the seasons.

It is when leaves change colors along side brisk morning air that begins to set the tone for the days to come. Some celebrate by cooking on the grill with family. Some consider the fact that they do not have to work a celebration in itself.

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No matter how it is celebrated, Labor Day is an opportunity to pause and consider a source of our nation’s strength and prosperity – the American worker.

In 1894, Congress recognized the contributions of the American worker by making Labor Day an official holiday.

Since then the American worker is responsible for the homes we live in, the vehicles we drive, the food we eat, the water we drink and every facet that touches our lives. It is true that everything, every need we have can be attributed to the workforce. Let us pause tomorrow and give thanks for the workers of our country.

They deserve more than just a day off work, they deserve our thanks.