Morgan students get new science lab

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Morgan Academy is proud of its new state-of-the art science lab, according to Morgan science teacher John B. Johnson.

“I love my teaching, and I love the lab,” said Johnson.

Johnson noted that in the course of his teaching career he has overseen the building of three science labs in Selma and the surrounding area. The new lab, used by all the school’s science teachers, is a dedicated facility, Johnson said, whereas the former lab doubled as a classroom and had much less sophisticated equipment.

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Johnson, in his 38th year of high school teaching, said the lab is fully stocked with the best hardware, glassware, chemicals, computers and other equipment – all of which is inventoried on the lab’s computers.

“The lab represents a great improvement in safety for instructors and teachers. It’s larger and therefore less-crowded,” he said. “Also we’re able to perform more complicated experiments.”

Johnson, who teaches chemistry, said that he believes interest in science is increasing. “We have a user-friendly lab. The whole thing is less threatening to students than it used to be. They have fun in here,” he said.

Headmaster Dr. Chris de Buzna calls the new lab the crown jewel of Morgan.

He said the facility cost $70,000 and was paid for from the proceeds of the school-sponsored hunter’s camp, organized annually by parents and friends of Morgan.

The event attracts 100-125 hunters from all over the nation each year, he said. He praised the Morgan-related sponsors who give so generously of their time and money to host the event.