Marion man arrested after high speed chase

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 29, 2004

Rodney Jermaine Childs was arrested Thursday after allegedly leading police on a high speed car chase across Selma, causing damage to three cars in process and even driving through Mayor James Perkins’ front lawn.

The incident began shortly after 4 p.m., according to reports, when Selma Police Sgt. S. Swanson spotted a stolen 1999 Chevrolet pick-up truck being driven along First Avenue.

Swanson signaled for the driver to pull over, but the driver continued to speed. Other police officers were soon called in to assist in the pursuit.

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In an attempt to elude police, the suspect drove through the mayor’s lawn and ran over some of his political signs.

According to police reports, the chase continued down Summerfield Road and Highland Avenue, where the truck struck two vehicles in front of the Highland Avenue McDonald’s.

Those two cars, according to police officials, received only minor damage and no one was injured.

The chase continued along Crepe Myrtle Drive, where the suspect struck a third vehicle and caused injuries to one person.

The suspect finally abandoned the truck near the General Buffet on Highland Avenue and tried to run from police on foot.

Police then managed to apprehend a suspect with the assistance of a civilian.

Selma Police Chief Robert Green said once the suspect was placed into a patrol cruiser, he kicked out the back window of the car and caused damage to one of the doors.

Childs is charged with first-degree theft of property, second-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, attempting to elude, driving without a license and assault.

Police say Childs also had two outstanding warrants for theft of property and domestic violence.

Childs, listed on the police report as a Marion resident, is now the Dallas County Jail.