Selma supports mayor with election

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Four years ago the city of Selma was in the national spotlight. Not for the history of the city, but the history that it was making in the 2000 mayoral race. There was something in the air that breathed change. The voters made that change happen. After the ballots were counted James Perkins Jr. became the victor over then incumbent Joe T. Smitherman for the seat of Mayor. Perkins famously became the first black mayor of our city.

Four years later, Perkins faced the task of remaining the chief executive of our city. His opponents were three individuals of different backgrounds who carried similar platforms. Each agreed that the incumbent had not done a good enough job to keep it. Interestingly, the voters disagreed.

The atmosphere could not be compared to that of four years ago. The street corners were quiet this year, whereas the last election bull-horns filled the downtown air. Even though there were some differences this election compared to the last, again the result remained the same. James Perkins Jr. is the victor and the Mayor for four more years. That is the message from the voters of Selma in yesterday’s municipal election.

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They did so by giving Perkins an astounding 56 percent of the possible vote.

Perkins campaign was “Come let us build”. Firsts thing first, the council must come together. Once that happens then the building can come.

Selmians believe that the mayor has done something right to elect him to serve another term as the executive officer of the city. Now it is the politicians task to help Perkins do what the voters have elected him to do. Move our city forward.