Candidates raise more than $100,000 for election

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 22, 2004

If the mayoral election were based on fundraising skills, incumbent James Perkins would win Tuesday’s race.

In the final campaign contributions reported before the election – the 5-10 pre-election report –

Perkins’s campaign a total of $54,732.40 in funds raised since the beginning of his campaign.

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Perkins also had $4,416.18 in his campaign fund before the campaign period started, left over from his last election bid.

The most recent report is the final report filed with the Probate Judge’s office before the election. Candidates were also required to file a 45-day report 45 days before the election date. The 5-10 must be filed no later than 5 days before the election and no sooner than ten days.

The combined reports show Perkins well ahead in campaign contributions, with Gene Hisel in second with $46,347.78, Rep. Yusef Salaam with $16,320 and Glenn King with $4,500. King did not file a 5-10 day report.

All of the candidates except

King reported contributions from out of the Selma area. Perkins put up the highest number of out of city contributions, with $16,230 from contributors outside the city limits. Hisel reported $250 from contributors out of Selma and Salaam reported $950.

Perkins is also alone with campaign contributions in that he was the only candidate who didn’t have to spend any of his own money on his campaign.

According to the numbers filed, King’s campaign is funded entirely out-of-pocket, consisting of a $4,500 loan from himself to his campaign. Hisel and Salaams also funded their campaigns partially out-of-pocket.

Salaam contributed

$10,100 out-of-pocket to his campaign. Hisel, through in kind contributions and other sources, contributed $41,177.78 to his own campaign.

All of the candidates have spent heavily on advertising, including purchasing signs, flyers and other campaign materials.

Perkins has spent $50,242.37 on his campaign, $25,517.53 on advertising alone. Hisel spent $31,165.51 on his campaign, $22,342.81 on advertising.

Salaam has spent $14,999, $13,761 on advertising. King has spent $4,500 on his campaign, with $3,810 on advertising. The remaining $690 in King’s campaign has been spent on gas, according to the reports.

The rest of the money, according to reports, is spent on such diverse items as rent, phones, cell phones and office supplies.