Junior Miss produces a lot of winners

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Some people would say that any contest must have losers and winners. It could be said that in Dallas County’s Junior Miss 2005 that all the contestants were winners. In fact, all those that participated behind the scenes should pat themselves on the back as well.

Putting a pageant on such as the Junior Miss takes a number of people working extremely hard day in and day out for a number of weeks. Had it not been for those people, there would not have been a Junior Miss 2005.

The contest crowned one young woman, Katherine “Katie” Taylor. The judges proclaimed this a well-deserved title. With the prestigious honor of Junior Miss, Taylor will take away the crown and an experience with 12 other participants that will influence her for many years to come.

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Simply because only one young woman was crowned, does not mean that 11 others did not deserve to stand out. For those young women who participated they too made an impression on their parents, fellow students and peers.

The parents of all the contestants should take a step back and appreciate what their daughters have accomplished. Their daughters became part of an elite group of women that shared a common bond and a common thread. It is a thread that has woven itself into our community for years to come.

Congratulations, Katie Taylor and all the participants of Dallas County’s Junior Miss 2005.