Donors give blood

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 30, 2004

The American Red Cross of Central Alabama held a “Badges for Life” blood drive on Thursday in honor of local law enforcement officials and their families.

At the blood drive, held at the Red Cross office on Selma Avenue, there were a steady stream of donors who stopped by throughout the day to donate blood and do their part to alleviate the current blood shortage.

One donor, who said it was her first time to give blood, said she heard about the drive on the radio and decided she wanted help out.

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Howard Tinsley, Red Cross Volunteer Coordinator, said the state’s blood supply has reached critical levels.

“There is no blood on the shelves. Not only in Selma, but all over the state,” Tinsley said. “Hospitals have even canceled some surgeries because of the shortage.”

According to the Red Cross, the shortage is due to an increased number of accidents and surgeries this summer, but fewer people donating blood.

“There is a direct and serious need for blood right now,” Tinsley said. “We need all we can get.”

Edwin Osburn, a long-time Red Cross donor, said he wanted to donate blood during the drive to help save three lives.

“I give given over 14 gallons of blood over the years,” Osburn said.

The next scheduled blood drive will take place on Aug. 2 at Cooper Christian Church on West Dallas Avenue.

Tinsley said the church has never had a blood drive before, and the congregation is looking forward to the opportunity to help the community.