County budget shows windfall

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 27, 2004

County General Fund has gotten a little fatter since the last time the Commission has checked.

According to Nancy Wilson, County Financial Director, the county has about $416,000 in extra funds.

At yesterday’s meeting Wilson presented the numbers to the Commission as an amendment to the General Fund budget. The General Fund is one of 40 budgets administered by the County Commission.

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“Since the budget was approved October 1, (2003), we have either increased revenue or decreased the budgeted expenditures for a net increase in unbudgeted funds,” Wilson told the Commission.

Most of the increase in fund came from unexpected revenue.

“What’s increased is our expected revenue over our expected expenditures,” Wilson said. “Most of that is revenue we did not know we were going to get.”

The budget amendment doesn’t reflect bond issues, like the bond issued to build Jim Minor Garden Homes.

The amendment was presented among several other budget changes, but the rest were minor changes.

“Most of them are line item changes, where it’s just a change from office supplies to telephone or something like that,” Wilson said.

The Commission didn’t assign any use to the unbudgeted funds at yesterday’s meeting.

The next budget will be approved in the beginning of October.

In other business, the Commission:

Approved the appointment of a Personnell Board to review employee grievances.

Approved an updated road repair schedule.

Heard from Andrew Arrington on the budget and enforcement opportunities of the Drug Task Force.

Approved a contract for an enviormental impact study to further the completion of an industrial access road. The contract costs $3,500.

Appointed Commissioner Roy Moore to the Fourth Judicial Circuit Community Corrections Board of Directors. The board administers to court referral programs and house arrest programs.

Discussed ongoing repairs and improvements at the Dallas County Jail.