Respect the hallmark of good candidate

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 23, 2004

To the editor:

“A sign of the times” is the fact that there are political signs everywhere all over the highways and byways.

It is a time when men and women will say anything true or false in hope of a vote.

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Vicious rumors are started to cast unfavorable light on a person’s name and character.

Characters will be assassinated and names will be drug through the mud.

All this, while these persons are seeking the highest offices in the city of Selma.

Personally I don’t want anyone representing me, who can’t respect his/her opponent.

If restraint can’t be exercised in the campaign, think what will happen in the council chambers or mayor’s office.

Citizens of Selma!

We must hold those who play dirty and slimy politics responsible for the actions of their campaign workers and themselves. The placement of signs should be noted. They should not be on public property or church property.

No sign are to be posted on utility poles or trees.

They should only be on personal or business property and that by permission.

I become suspicious when I see signs in front of run down vacant homes and vacant lots with grass as tall as the signs.

I think that if the city workers pick up illegal placed signs of a person twice those signs should be destroyed (hit them in the pocket). If a candidate thinks nothing of the illegal placement of their signs, what will they think of the laws that they are expected to uphold once in office?


Look for your favorite candidate’s signs and if they are violating the law. Ask them to clean up their act and respect our city and state laws. If they are printing half-truths and planting lies ask them to refrain and respect their opponents and the intelligence of the citizen of Selma. Tell them to run on their background, their record, experience, education, potential, reputation and character and if that isn’t good enough maybe they shouldn’t run.

Rev. Lee E. Goodwin