County sets example for city to follow

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 18, 2004

Dallas County has once again set the tone for the city of Selma.

According to independent auditors, the county audit is as clean as it gets. More important, the commissioners actually have the audit in their hands for viewing, unlike the city of Selma.

Selma’s city council members are eagerly waiting for their turn to view an audit. The county audit, which was released in early July, examined how well the county kept up with the funds they spent and collected. Only one finding was worthy of note, and it was left over from the previous fiscal year. If the city’s audit comes back with only one discrepancy, then according to some predictions it would be considered a miracle.

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preparing the city’s audit say many things have prevented the document from appearing before the council, including new rule changes and the inexperience or incompetence of the city’s financial preparers and handlers.

No matter the reason, the dispute over the whereabouts of the audit – and the fact that it is an election year – have stirred debate, making this an issue in the campaign for those opposing the incumbent mayor.

With all that said, the city should operate in the same manner as the county in terms of releasing the audit and fiscal responsibility. The people of Selma are tired of waiting for the audit.

Whoever is mayor beginning this fiscal year needs to remember the importance of allowing community residents to view how their city is operating.

Thanks, Dallas County, for being an example.