Selma trio confesses to theft of $43K

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Despite what the district attorney’s office describes as confessions to the theft and subsequent distribution of $43,000, the three involved, Arthur Rivers, Silideane Myers and Theodore Stallworth will still be tried on August 2.

Two of the Selma residents were implicated

in the theft of thousands of dollars from a Japanese film crew, Office Kei, on location from New York. The crew was in town to film a reenactment of a famous Florida jail break attempt.

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While filming in GWC Homes housing development, the film crew had $43,000 stolen from an unlocked car, mostly in $100 bills. Harris Salomon, of Office Kei, said it was common for film crews, even a small one like his, to carry large sums of cash for expenses and to pay extras while filming. Tezuka Chie, one of the film’s crew members, reported the crime when it occurred in March.

The crew originally came to Selma because of a wing on the Dallas County Jail that suited the film’s purposes. The theft came as a shock to Salomon.

“I can’t believe this would happen in Selma,” Salomon said at the time.

Rivers and Myers were later arrested for theft. Stallworth was charged with receiving stolen property, for taking money from Rivers and Myers from the theft, according to police reports.

Yesterday, district attorney’s officials said that all of the defendants had confessed. Stallworth and Myers are out on bond, but Rivers is still in jail for a separate theft-related charge.

Despite the confession, the district attorney’s office will still be taking the case to trial, in order to try other charges brought against at least one of the suspects.

Christmas Green, a local attorney, has been appointed to defend the three in the case.