Selma needs all it can get to fight ‘war’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Retired U.S. Army Colonel, Brock Wells is calling in reinforcements.

To put it simply, his belief along with many other Selmians is that the city is in the midst of a war on crime.

The battle is not being fought on far away lands for residents to become spectators.

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Our fight is one that is being fought in the trenches.

The fight against crime ranges from burglaries to robberies to assaults and most intensely murders.

As with any war, the victory is dependant upon those who are fighting it.

There are times when the battle becomes so intense that those in the trenches must call upon help.

There becomes a need for more soldiers or some that may be tactical or experienced.

Movies show reinforcements that come by both jets that carry bombs and helicopters that shoot .50 caliber weapons at the opposing force.

Selmians have relied on its leadership – or “troops” – for too long and have not been able to break the lines, so to speak.

One option remains, call in for reinforcements.

Wells has put into writing a letter that requests the presence of one very famous African-American man, Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Well’s request is that Powell or even Condoleezza Rice or Secretary Paige visit the city of Selma and give guidance and hope to our community.

He asks that they speak on discipline and the positive effect that occurs when change happens.

Will Powell show up on Water Avenue in Selma, Alabama?

Would it do any good?

The city has drawn so much national attention over the course of 40 + years that one has to wonder if this will make any difference.

One has to wonder if the time for speeches and celebrity appearances has passed.

No matter the result, the effort is one, which should be commended.

Reinforcements should also come in the form of additional police officers on the streets of Selma.

Maybe it means that some of those that spend the majority of their time behind the desk take time to get behind the wheel and patrol the streets.

It is intimidating to a foe to see a large number of soldiers coming at them.

If Selma’s streets were filled with officers then the enemy would think twice before attacking.

Wells shows a desire to help and make Selma a safer place.

If all citizens felt the same and more importantly did something about it that could solve the problem.

That could change the course of the war on crime in Selma.