Plans for All Lock all good for Selma

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 20, 2004

Proving once again that the city is on the right track, a local company has expressed interest in expanding into the old All Lock building. That means much needed jobs for Selma citizens.

While the unemployment rate in Selma has fallen slowly but steadily in the last few months, it’s nice to know local officials aren’t allowing themselves to slow down in increasing industry and jobs in the city.

The All Lock building requires a lot of work, and the city seems determined to make the deal happen.

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While the local company hasn’t been named, it’s also a pleasure to know that our corporate citizens are trying to make businesses work in an area where they are so desperately needed.

Whomever the company is, it’s a pretty safe assumption that they could afford to go somewhere else with these jobs, but to know they’ve chosen to keep investing in Selma’s future is uplifting.

Despite all of the detractors to the area, Selma has a lot to offer. A dedicated work force, a welcoming atmosphere and, as this deal proves, local officials willing to support the companies in Selma.

Any business on the outside looking in, has got to take the city’s willingness to invest thousands of dollars in the All Lock facility as a sign of our commitment to bringing businesses into our community and keeping them here.

Our city’s leaders can be commended on their efforts, and we challenge them to continue the difficult process of making Selma prime real estate for industry everywhere.