Primary delivers reality to voters

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 3, 2004

The primary election came to a close yesterday. And with it came a few realities. Reality one was the fact that every vote counts. Reality number two was the fact that June 1 didn’t necessarily mean the election was over.

Out of all the races the district attorney race proved to be the closest and probably the race that lured the most attention. It verified the importance of people expressing their right to cast that one vote. In the race Michael Jackson is believed to have won by only 400 votes.

This remains an unofficial total until Friday.

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But what if 400 voters had decided to stay at home and not exhaust the effort it took to go to their respected polling place.

The outcome could have been different.

There remains the chance that even though Jackson may have won the democratic ticket that there will be another contest for Jackson by a possible republican candidate while there is still time to qualify. This is true for other elections; not only the district attorney. The reality is that sometimes winning the primary isn’t good enough.

Just ask Bob Armstrong.

He received 47 percent of the vote for district judge, but will still have to campaign a little longer as does the incumbent Walker.

Who will the supporters for Jimmy Nunn mark on their next ballot? There will be heavy campaigning for these voters to return to the poll once again and determine who they want in the office.

Sadly, voter turnout was lower than it could have been on Tuesday. The Times-Journal hopes that this election made a statement that each and every voter can make a difference. The reality is that our county and city need to hear the voices of the people.

Make sure that that your voice is heard.