A good plan can make a difference

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 30, 2004

On June 1, we will step to the ballot boxes and begin the process of selecting our next batch of leaders.

Through possible run-offs, the August elections and later the November elections, we will choose the course our country, state and city will sail, at least until the next election.

In the pages of the STJ over the last months, the candidates have talked about plans, dreams and goals they want to implement, if elected.

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We think they should remove the last part.

A good plan can make a difference whether it comes from someone in a political office or from the man, woman or child on the street.

The reasons these candidates chose to step out and try to lead, to make Selma a better place to live, is that they believe in their ideas and they believe they can help.

We’ve talked to them, interviewed them and listened to them for months, and we believe they can help as well, whether or not they win the office they seek.

We need a spirit of cooperation, between politicians, between political parties, between our leaders and our people, if Selma is to become the place we believe it can.

Fixing the ills of Selma will take more than May election promises and some glad-handing.

It will take more than going to the polls and pulling a lever or punching a ballot.

Fixing the things that hold our community back will take getting out and working together.

Rolling up our sleeves and going to work, side by side, black and white, rich and poor, young and old, politicians and civilians.

That’s how Selma will get better, if we all step up and assume ownership of our community.