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Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 20, 2004

13- and 14-year-old:



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Darious Thigpen took the win on the mound for Pace.

Justin Brown had three hits, Maurice Miller had two hits and Antorrie Robinson had one hit.

Brad Averitt took the loss for Amsouth. Clint Maroney had a homerun and a single. Braxton Fuller had a double and two singles.



Richard Long took the win for Healthmark. Long had a triple, Mathew Roberts had a double and Justin Quinelly had two singles.

Courtney Martin took the loss for Pace.

Jarius Perkins had a double and Justin Brown had a double and a single in the losing effort.

Family Medicine-8


Jeremy Phillips picked up the win on the mound for Family Medicine.

Thomas Austin had three singles and Deonte Hayes had two singles.

For Talton, Jamarious Strong took the loss, but had a double at the plate. Zeeshan Ali had three singles.



Darious Thigpen picked up the win on the mound for PACE.

Maurice Miller had a double and Courtney Martin had a single. Blake Robinson took the loss.

At the plate, Robinson doubled, Josh Clark singled, and Byron Sanders singled.

Family Medicine-14

Pilcher McBryde-4

Family Medicine was led at the plate by Deonte Hayes with a triple and two singles and Jeremy Phillips with two triples.

For Pilcher McBryde, Randall Hamilton had a triple and a double.

11- and 12-year old


Bush Hog-7

WHBB ended the game in four innings, scoring 10 runs in the third.

Laquentin Gunn, Johnathon Williams, Landen Denny, Dintaris Norris, Eddie Johnson, and Michael Sanders all scored two runs apiece.

Fredie Pettway scored two runs for Bush Hog.

UTU 1053-3


Connor Thorpe pitched a complete six inning game, striking out 13, to lead UTU 1053 to the win.

Heath Brantley had a double in the third to drive in one run.

Joseph Watters singled and scored in the fourth inning. Jody Glover and Frankie Wilbourne both singled for WWISP.

Joel Yarbrough took the loss on the mound for WWISP.

Brown Drug-12

Selma Times Journal-1

Brown Drug’s Arthur Oliver struck out seven of the first nine batters he faced and gave up one hit to take the win on the mound.

Oliver also singled, doubled, and scored a run to help his cause. Derrick Smith scored two runs.

Clarence Hayes took the loss on the mound for Selma Times-Journal.

A.G. Edwards-10

Mr. Roys-1

For A.G. Edwards, Daniel Blackmon pitched a complete game to take the win.

He gave up one run on one hit and faced only 19 batters.

He finished with 10 strikeouts.

Blackmon also scored two runs off of two hits.

Dewayne Sanders scored two runs on three hits.

Edward Bell took the loss on the mound for Mr. Roy’s. Jamal Evans had the only hit and scored the only run.

9- and 10-year-old:

Fancher Fabrication-22

Campbell & Pearson-17

For Fancher Fabrication, Seth Taylor led the way scoring four runs. Dexter Bright, Craig Price, and Andrew Thacker scored three runs.

For Campbell and Pearson, McCain Levins, Levi Reynolds, Jeromi Davis and Conner Stephens scored three runs each.

Ross Plumbing-9

Victor Nissan-7

Ross Plumbing, led by Quintravious Johnson with three runs, used five runs in the top of the fifth inning to win. Tyron Smith and Timothy Colemon both scored two runs.

For Victor Nissan, Edward Beers and Leon Sanders each scored two runs.


Selma Communications-0

For Carquest, Shevone Lindsey and Kendall Smith each scored twice.

Cory Ingram, Michael Ward, Mathew Richey, Timothy Thomas, James McNeil and Lance Krunosky all scored to help their team win in three innings.

Victor Nissan-3

King Building-2

Leon Sanders, Jeffrey Hubbard, and Rajadavia Phillips each scored one of Victor Nissan’s three runs.

Kyle Stewart and Cobb Bostick each scored a run each for King Building.

7- and 8-year-old

Hudson Small Engine-13

Fuller Building-11

J.J. Brown led the way for Hudsen Small Engine Repair with three hits and four runs scored.

Lawrence Hatcher and Rickey Austin both scored two runs. James Wells and Davian Brantley each scored one run in the win.

Fuller Building was led by Joe Gibson with four runs, and Jalen Raby with three runs. Kyle Friday scored two runs in the losing effort.

11- and 12-year-old

Dallas Air and Heat-8

Carter Drug-5

For Dallas Air and Heat, Elijah Thomas, Tyler Lawrence, Forest Hughes, and Jermal Dudley all scored. Forest Hughes was the winning pitcher. For Carter Drug, Josh McDonald, Doug Molette, Nick Burmer, and Rashad Bennett all scored. Justin McAfee took the loss on the mound.

Dallas Air and Heat 12

Regions Bank 0

Blanton Strickland pitched four innings of no-hit ball with ten strikeouts and no walks. Forrest Hughes went 3-3 and scored two runs, and Elijah Thomas scored three runs. Tyler Lawrence and Blanton Strickland scored two runs.


Mr. Roy’s 8

Laquentin Gunn, Michael Cook, Leddarious Neely, Landen Denny, Dextarious Davis, David Carter, and Brian Taver had two hits each for WHBB. Thomas Curtis scored twice for Mr. Roy’s.

Turner Motor’s 9

Selma Cash and Carry 8

John Ratcliffe and Reid Fondien scored twice for Turner Motor. For Selma Cash and Carry, Kirby Brown and Keith Jones scored twice.

Pace 1441 9

Carter Drug 8

For Pace 1441, Monte Bennett, Tyler Love, and Andrew Dudley each scored two runs. Charles Weber and Eric Parr scored one run. For Carter Drug, Emmanuel Moore scored twice. Zach Gandy, Doug Molette, Josh McDonald, Justin McAfee, Tyler Roberts, and Charlie Argo all scored once.

George’s Paint and Body 8

Mr. Roy’s 7

For George’s Paint and Body, Wendell Strong, Richard Ghant, Johnathan Harris, Michael Johnson, Josh McKinney, Treveon Taylor, Mathew Miller, and Blake Threadgill all had hits. Laron Williams took the win on the mound. Edward Bell took the loss for Mr. Roy’s. Demetrious Mathew and Gerald Mathew scored twice.