Turkish citizen arrested

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 7, 2004

A Turkish citizen sits in the Dallas County Jail with no bond after his first appearance before a judge on Wednesday.

Dallas County District Court Judge Nathaniel Walker ordered Mustafa Turan Buyukaydin, 44, to remain in jail until his bond hearing on Wednesday. Walker will hear arguments about Buyukaydin’s bond from defense attorney Jeffrey Robinson and Assistant District Attorney Joseph Fitzpatrick at that time.

Buyukaydin is charged with possession of a forged instrument. The charge stems from his alleged attempt to use a fake Social Security card to obtain an Alabama driver’s license on April 29.

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“Based on how I’ve been following the War on Terror, this guy fits the classic mode,” Fitzpatrick said.

Buyukaydin lists no income or assets on his application for a court appointed attorney. His address is in Virginia Beach, Va.

According to Fitzpatrick, Robinson requested that bond be set for Buyukaydin on Wednesday. Fitzpatrick objected because Buyukaydin is a foreigner who allegedly used false information in an attempt to gain a driver’s license. “It could be a violation of the Patriot Act,” Fitzpatrick said. “There are federal implications.”

Walker agreed and ordered Buyukaydin held with no bond until the bond hearing.

Robinson said that Walker had appointed him as Buyukaydin’s attorney, but declined any further comment.

Fitzpatrick noted that two women who knew Buyukaydin were present for the hearing. One of them rents an apartment to Buyukaydin and said that she has only known him for two weeks, Fitzpatrick added.

Court documents state that Buyukaydin attempted to obtain an Alabama driver’s license at 10:15 a.m. April 29. An employee states that after examining Buyukaydin’s Social Security card under a black light, she contacted state trooper Norbert Neely, who also examined the card.

Law enforcement authorities arrested Buyukaydin shortly afterward.