Selma’s visitor center feather in our ‘Cap’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 6, 2004

Any city can have a visitor’s center, but we doubt any are as good as the one run by George “Cap” Swift.

Selma’s Visitor and Information Center isn’t just a place for travelers to rest their weary feet; it’s a tradition. It’s an institution built on Swift, who began the center 17 years ago.

Swift told Selma’s story for years while serving in the Marines, and it’s a story he continues to tell today. “This is where the future is,” Swift said. “We’ve got water, good climate and the richest soil the Lord ever made.”

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We also have Selmians such as Swift willing to tell the world about the gem of the Black Belt.

Swift is right – the future is right here. Recent industry announcements, continuing growth and a dropping unemployment rate are just a few positives we can boast of.

They’re not the only ones. Just drop by Swift’s visitor center to learn about the others. You can bet our city’s visitors are.

We applaud Swift and all Selmians who take our city’s stories across the nation and world. Selma is a city we can take pride in, and we don’t have to run a visitor’s center to do that.

But it sure does help.

Thanks, Cap.