Kindergartners ready to move on up

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 6, 2004

Graduation Day is almost here.

Students are trying on their caps and gowns, giggling at the sight of friends being suddenly transformed by the garb from medieval times, learning when and where to let the tassel hang – before and after graduation – happily contemplating life after – Kindergarten!

Ms. Little’s Kindergarten class at Meadowview Christian School was being fitted for graduation earlier this week.

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All 17 members of the Class of 2004 were present and accounted for on this very important day in their life – the first of probably many graduations ahead.

There was lots of excitement in the room as their teacher first gave them their very small robes and then began the work of getting the tiny caps to fit on the tiny heads – something easier said than done- especially for the girls.

Though sizes had been given in advance, the girls’ hairdos sometimes got in the way of a smooth fit, which meant a somewhat cocky positioning on the top of the little head.

Ms. Little talked aloud about the accomplishments

of the class during the robing time, saying how proud she was of each and every graduate, how much they had learned, what a transformation had taken place.

“They can read,” she exclaimed. “It’s just amazing to see how fast they learn.”

Previously Ms. Little had taught first grade and this was her first year in kindergarten.

The 12-year veteran teacher – the last two at Meadowview – found the new adventure, well, adventurous, and much to her liking.

During the robing up, some of the youngsters, of course, got a bit out of line and one was asked to step outside for a cool-down, but given the gravity of the moment what else could be expected?

In fact, they were remarkably well-behaved.

It came time to have the class picture taken and the 17 queued up inside the classroom in front of the door leading outside to the appointed place – as they had done hundreds of times.

They marched just like seniors down the sidewalk and followed instructions very precisely on how and where to stand, and there they were, standing proud – and short – compared to the seniors who will soon be going through their ceremony.

The Meadowview Christian Kindergarten Class of 2004 includes Davis Campbell, Landon Curtis, Christina Dabit, Nicholas Goodson, Tori Hatfield, Autumn Lippeatt, Lindsay Nalley, Kellee Richards, Cole Robertson, Jaycee Sanders, Kayle Sapp, Kendall Shadrick, Slade Singleton, Alex Stokes, Jessie Woods, Ashley Young and Jeni Redd.

As they were walking out of the class to have their picture taken, Jaycee was saying again and again, “Look at all the preachers!”

Graduation exercises will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 13, at the Meadowview Christian Church.