Selma man killed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 4, 2004

At roughly 2 a.m. Sunday morning, Terrance Hatcher, of 505 Hampton Road, Selma, was shot multiple times, near his home.

He was later pronounced dead at Vaughan Regional Medical Center.

At this time, police don’t have a motive, and the case is still under investigation, according to Police Chief Robert Green.

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The 19-year-old was shot just off Medical Center Parkway, across from the hospital. An officer responding to a call of shots fired in the area saw Hatcher lying on the side of Medical Center Parkway.

“In all likelihood, it (the shooting) occurred near his residence,” Green said. “It appears that he was attempting to run to the hospital, which was near there.”

Attorney General Ed Greene said the District Attorney’s office has ordered an autopsy and police continue to investigate the case.

“We’re waiting on (the report),” Greene said. “Lt. Susan Smith is investigating the case and she’s doing an excellent job.”

Glenn Hatcher, Terrance’s father, said he didn’t know why anyone would harm his son.

“He worked with me everyday at my business,” Hatcher, the owner of Hatcher Paint and Body said. “All I know is someone killed my son. The police are gathering evidence (and) really I’m just unsure. My perception of it is just jealous, envious young people.”

According to Glenn, Terrance left work at Hatcher Paint and Body, and called home to let his father know he was coming.

Glenn Hatcher said he heard three shots soon after.

“It sounded like (the shots came from) a distance,” Glenn said. “I thought it might be somebody at (a nearby) apartment complex.”

Shortly after, Glenn received a phone call from a concerned neighbor. Glenn didn’t identify the neighbor. His neighbor asked if his son was home. According to Glenn, she’d seen someone pull Terrance’s car into his yard. She watched a man exit and get in the car with someone else. Terrance was found collapsed on the side of Medical Center Parkway. Police assume he was attempting to run to the nearby hospital. It is unknown whether or not Terrance was in the car when it pulled into the yard.

“It was raining,” Glenn said. “I didn’t even know his car was in the yard.”

Glenn took a flashlight into his yard to see what was going on. “The car was pulled into my yard and the door was open,” Glenn said. “His cap was on the ground.”

Glenn said he saw the police drive by. He signaled them with his flashlight and they drove onto Hampton Road.

“I flashed him with my flashlight and he pulled in and told me,” Glenn said.

That was the first news he’d heard of his son’s injuries and subsequent death.

Since the news of his son’s death has spread out, people have called Glenn offering information about the crime. One “tip” said that Terrance was shot in a nearby parking lot. The case is still under investigation and police expect the preliminary autopsy report to be finished in a few days.