GED program one of many positives

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Want to earn your GED, but don’t have the time to appear in class? Now you don’t have to.

A new program based at Wallace Community College Selma enables students to study for the GED online instead of in person. Classroom instruction isn’t yet a thing of the past, but students now have the option of studying from the comfort of their computer.

Alabama is the first state to launch the GED Integrated Online Solutions program, and we applaud WCCS for being a part of it. Many studying for the test don’t have the time to attend regular classes due to multiple jobs, supporting their family or a host of other reasons.

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This program takes the classroom and puts it wherever the student has a PC.

Negatives about any community are easy to point out and often get more attention than positives. This program is one positive that deserves not only attention, but also praise.

This is one of many examples that show the direction of Alabama’s future. Alabama and the Black Belt are moving forward. Here in Selma and Dallas County we can see the fruits of our labor.

The Hyundai supplier and $14 million for Highway 80 are two big examples of our future. Now we can add WCCC’s GED program to our list of positives.

And that’s one list that’s growing longer with each passing day.