Battle strategies planned at officers’ meeting

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 25, 2004

Wood cabins sit behind a row of trees in Riverside Park. They have no doors, no lights and no air conditioning. The building probably wouldn’t protect occupants from the elements. When compared to the tents only yards away from the cabins, though, the wooden buildings might as well be palaces.

Grubich stood guard at the entrance to the officers meeting, rifle in hand. His duty was mainly for show, though during the Civil War he would have truly kept out the unwanted. Grubich, along with members of his regiment, attacked Selma’s arsenal works on Saturday, but was repelled by Confederate soldiers. Today, the Union forces will be too strong to resist. Fortunately for Grubich and members of his regiment, if he died Saturday, he can still fight today. According to Grubich, re-enactors take a fall when the time feels right. &uot;If I’m too tired, then I’ll go down,&uot; Grubich said while smiling.

Kevin Gray, a lieutenant with the Confederacy, said that knowing when to die was obvious. &uot;If you see a cannon pointed in front of you, you’ll know,&uot; Gray said.

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Gray, in his brown uniform, stood near Rambo as officers on both sides planned the skirmish together while the Sixth Indiana practiced their formations.

As a group of about 30 men formed battle lines, Rambo discussed the details of the initial Union attack.