Business takes citizen across state and back

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 23, 2004

A typical working day for most people is spent inside an office. Claude Anderson’s days are anything but typical.

Anderson, who handles insurance programs for financial institutions, visits banks from Huntsville to Mobile. His company provides credit insurance, collateral protection and flood insurance. &uot;These are things banks must have to protect customers and themselves,&uot; Anderson said.

According to Anderson, if a bank customer with a loan and insurance dies, the loan is paid off.

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If he doesn’t have insurance, the loan becomes the responsibility of the customer’s survivors. &uot;It’s just an easy way for the customer to enhance his security,&uot; Anderson said.

Anderson has been in the insurance business for years. He began his career with his own insurance business before joining Peoples Bank & Trust Co.’s insurance department, where he stayed for 11 years.

Anderson worked closely with his current employer for years. When it had an opening, Anderson decided to take it. &uot;It seemed like a good opportunity,&uot; Anderson said. &uot;I’ve got banks from border to border.&uot;

Traveling across Alabama has led Anderson to several discoveries, including Waterloo, a town in the state’s northwest corner. Waterloo rests in the path of the Trail of Tears and the Natchez Trace. &uot;It’s been interesting seeing the state,&uot; Anderson said. &uot;It’s nice everywhere.&uot;

No matter how far Anderson travels, he always returns to Selma. &uot;The people in Selma are the best,&uot; Anderson said. &uot;In times of need, they’re there. It’s just a great place to raise a family.&uot;

Anderson’s family was one reason he became involved in the Battle of Selma. Anderson, a member of the Battle of Selma Authority, has worked on the battle since its creation 17 years ago. His children enjoyed the pageantry, and his membership with the Kiwani’s Club, which originally started the battle, led to his continued involvement.

Anderson is married to Caroline Anderson. They have two children – Elizabeth, a student at Auburn University, and Virginia, a senior at John T. Morgan Academy.