Youth programs goal worth having

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 22, 2004

People looking for positives in Selma need search no farther than Wallace Community College Selma.

Raji Gourdine and Althelstein Johnson are gearing up for their second summer of teaching city youth about good sportsmanship and living a healthy lifestyle through the WCCS National Youth Sports Program. According to Gourdine, teaching children about sports and alcohol and drug prevention helps them become better citizens.

And that’s something we can all be happy about.

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The 25-day program provides youth from low-income families an opportunity to participate in activities when they’re not in school. Gourdine said that juvenile crime increases during the summer. This program gets youth off the streets by providing them something to do.

That’s not just a positive for Selma’s youth; it’s a positive for all Selmians.

The Selma City Council is currently debating the merits of banning basketball playing from city streets and sidewalks. Mayor James Perkins Jr. has said that if the ban is made, an alternative must be provided.

Here’s one alternative that we believe is worth looking at.

We commend Gourdine, Johnson and everyone working to provide programs for our youth. &uot;If we can keep at least one kid out of trouble, then it is all worthwhile,&uot; Gourdine said.

That is a goal worth shooting for.