Parade against drugs marches through Selma

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 19, 2004

There was plenty of noise and activity going on across the city Saturday morning as pastors, schools, and law enforcement agencies teamed up for the annual Anybody Can Recover, Inc. Parade.

Those who participated in the parade were marching against drugs and violence in the city.

Starting at Selma Middle C.H.A.T. Academy and winding its way through the city to the Dallas County Courthouse, parade-goers wanted to remind citizens of Selma that they cared about putting an end to violence.

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The Revs. Ernest and Deborah Wright, organizers of the parade, say they have been holding this event for the past nine years.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies set up booths in the courthouse parking lot for drug displays and information about gun awareness.

Shortly after the parade, a torch run was held on Selma Avenue for fallen victims of crime.

Those who lost relatives due to drugs and violence were invited to carry torches in honor of their loved ones.

According to Selma police Detective Sgt. Jimmy Martin, guns are involved in 90 percent of the homicides in Selma.

The Wrights say just by showing up for their parade, citizens were making a statement against violence.

Those who participated in the parade say they hope their voices were heard and maybe something will be done to stop the street crime in their community.