CRS Development is positive for Selma

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Good news is coming to Selma.

Today CRS Development is holding a groundbreaking for its subdivision off of 10th Avenue. The development, which will feature green spaces and walking trails, will have townhouses, single-family units, an elderly assisted care facility and a community center.

It is just one more positive that Selma will offer its residents in the months to come.

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Redskins member Chris Samuels unveiled the plan in June 2003 in Selma City Council Chambers. That initial announcement has now become a reality. The project, which will take five years to complete, proves that Selma and Dallas County is worth investing in.

According to Gail Lovelady, the project will bring $5 million into town. Jobs will be created, businesses will prosper and all of Selma will benefit.

We believe projects such as this are representative of the positive change our city and county is undergoing. In addition to the CRS Development subdivision, we can also boast of the renovation of our riverfront area and the gaining of a Hyundai supplier.

Things are looking bright for Selma, and they’re only going to get brighter.

We welcome CRS Development to town and wish it success in its endeavors.