UPS Selma office to shut down

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 28, 2004

Selma’s UPS office is shutting down, but that doesn’t mean people will lose their jobs.

Michael Moore, public relations director for the UPS Alabama district, confirmed on Friday that the UPS office, located on Old Montgomery Highway, would shut its doors, though a date hasn’t been set. The latest it could close is June 30.

“The customer won’t see any change,” Moore said. “The only change is for the employees.”

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According to Moore, his company is constantly looking at the number of packages that travel through any given office, which affects a decision to close an office. He added that UPS rents the building in Selmont – another factor in determining if costs should be cut. “We’ve talked about it for many years,” Moore said. “We’re always looking for ways to save money. The good point, though, is that we’re unionized. People don’t have to lose their jobs.”

Instead, about 40 employees will have the option of working at UPS offices in Montgomery, Tuscaloosa or Thomasville. “They have the option to follow the work,” Moore said. “They can work at any location we’re moving to.”

Employees will get to choose their location based on seniority.

As far as the customer is concerned, no changes will occur because of the closing, Moore said. People will be able to send their packages by calling 1-800-PICKUPS or by visiting People using a phone will be told the nearest drop-off location or authorized shipping outlet.

Selma has a number of drop-off locations.

At a drop-off location, customers enter their credit card information on labels provided and attach it to their package.

Customers can pay by credit card over the Internet and print out a label before dropping their package off.

People can also call the UPS number and request that a driver pick up their package. Moore noted that a surcharge would be added to the cost.

UPS representatives are scheduled to meet with Mayor James Perkins Jr. this week to discuss the closing. They will also meet with union representatives to determine a good date to close the office.