Owens declares for Ward 3

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 26, 2004

Felicia Owens &uot;Dixon&uot; has declared her candidacy for the Ward 3 Selma City Council seat.

Owens, a Selma native, said she chose to run for office in order to move the city forward.

Owens plans on working toward beautifying the city, curbing Selma’s crime level and implementing programs that will motivate people of all ages to take advantage of the city’s opportunities.

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As councilwoman, Owens said she would start ward meetings. &uot;The main thing is getting concerned citizens together,&uot; she added. &uot;As a council member, I will be accessible. I’m going to work hard and try my best to meet the needs of people in Ward 3 and Selma.&uot;

Concerning the recent spate of shootings, Owens said she had programs that would decrease the crime rate. She also pointed to the crime task force’s recommendation to institute a youth curfew. A curfew would keep children home at night and possibly keep them enrolled in school. &uot;It’s just a matter of us motivating them,&uot; Owens said. &uot;Yes, they need a curfew, especially during the weekdays, the school days. In order for us to move this city forward, we need to work together. That should be everyone’s concern.&uot;

Owens’ plans aren’t limited to the crime issue. As councilwoman, she would collaborate with other government officials to bring more industry to the area. &uot;If you have the right council members, I think we’ll move forward,&uot; Owens said. &uot;There are different grants and programs available. I plan on being a positive influence in the community.&uot;

Speaking to the issue of executive sessions, Owens said that they should be entered only for specific reasons. &uot;It just depends on what the situation is,&uot; she added. &uot;If the people of the city elect these people to run the city, it should be public record and public knowledge.&uot;

Owens also spoke to the issue of city employee salaries.

According to Owens, salaries should be set on a scale.

Selma’s future depended on its council working together, Owens said.

Owens is the co-owner and qualifying broker of N-Vest-4-U-1 Realty as well as the owner and mortgage broker of N-Vest-4-U-2 Realty Mortgage Company. She received her GED shortly after enrolling in college. Owens is a graduate of Wallace Community College Selma, where she gained a double major in administration/accounting and secretarial/clerk typist.

Owens is also a graduate of Faulkner University, where she received her bachelor of business in 2000.

She returned to the university in 2001 and gained her masters of science in management in 2002.

She is married to Louis Dixon, also a native of Selma and a Vietnam War veteran. They have one daughter, E-yona.

Owens is the granddaughter of the late Rev. J.D. Hunter, who served on the council for two terms and was also a member of the courageous eight.

Owens said she plans to carry on her grandfather’s legacy, &uot;The crusade for Jesus Christ.&uot; Her campaign theme is &uot;Generation X to excellent generation.&uot;