Schools show improved state report cards

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 1, 2004

Superintendents of both Dallas County and Selma City Schools say they are pleased with the overall results of the state’s education accountability report, citing significant improvements as well as maintaining close to the national average.

Last week the Alabama Department of Education released its annual School Accountability State Report Card, a comprehensive summary of all public schools during the previous year.

The results show that Dallas County Schools saw a 10 percent jump in the number of seniors passing the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. The system went from an F rating last year to a solid C.

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The school system’s Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition scores, while not outstanding, are consistent with other schools across the state.

Dallas County also received Clear status for its fifth- and seventh-grade writing assessment tests.

One area where county schools need improvement, the state report card shows, is in its D+ rating for ACT test scores.

This rating is only slightly above Selma City Schools, which received a D- for its ACT results.

Selma City Schools Superintendent Dr. James Carter said he was disappointed with the rating, but it is an improvement over the F the school system received last year.

Carter said if the test scores are looked at as a whole, the city school system scored in the 51 percentile, which is one percent above the national average.

The state report shows the city school system’s only major problem lies with special education.

Selma City Schools special education program was put on Priority status for its 11 percent rating. The state’s requirement is to rank in the 40 percentile.

Neither Dallas County nor Selma City had any schools put on Priority status by the state this year.

All area schools were given either Watch or Clear status, a fact both superintendents said they were very proud of.

The results of state’s accountability report card, and the scores of other school, can be viewed online at