CareerLink job fair proves critics wrong

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 22, 2004

For those that say people in Selma don’t want to work, a walk along Water Avenue on Thursday would have proven to be a real eye-opener.

Every community has people who do not want to break a sweat by performing manual labor.

But that is not a part of Selma only, it is something every business owner faces in every city across the country.

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The proof that Selmians aren’t afraid of hard work was evident at Thursday’s first ever Job Fair held by Selma Career Link.

The majority of the job seekers were high school students who came by the bus loads.

But there was also a steady stream of others coming through the doors of the Career Link on Water Avenue. Throughout the day hundreds of people came to speak with representatives from International Paper, Bush Hog, Vaughan Regional Medical Center and other companies.

The military recruiters were on hand to let the people know that Uncle Sam still wanted them to serve our country.

Local Broadcasters who spearheaded the event were there to find maybe the next disc jockey.

The day proved to be a success for not only Selma Career Link but for the representatives of the companies and those that were looking for employment.

According to Friday’s STJ, Susan Cosby said that the Career Link was all about employment.

She went on to say that there were many ways they can connect people with jobs.

The Career Link offers training on how to apply for a job and resume writing, career assessment centers and on-job training.

It is the continuing work of businesses such as the Career Link center as well as other job placement companies such as CEBCO, Manpower and others in the community that will help reduce the unemployment rate in Dallas County.

Before we make the assumption that people don’t want to work; we first need to provide them opportunities of employment.

Granted this is not a full proof plan, but it will provide many families with meals on their tables and clothes on their backs.

Congratulations to Selma Career Link and those responsible for the inaugural Job Fair.